Covid-19 Requirements

PLEASE READ: Important Covid-19 Information (last updated: 12 August 2021)

It is really important that you read the Covid-Safe Plan in full. Some of the content may affect your event planning. For example, no shared food plates are allowed.

Events must allocate someone at the front entrance to record details of every person who enters the site, and another person to ensure physical distancing is being adhered to. Where more than 1 room (including Foyer, Main Hall, Murree Smith Hall) is being utilised, another person must be allocated to each additional room to ensure no space goes over the maximum capacity permitted.

Hirers can either provide the names of who will be allocated to each of the roles above or request a quote for the venue to manage this on your behalf. The venue will be checking that these requirements are adhered to.

Events that are not following our Covid-Safe Plan or State Government rules, will be shut down.

Please read our Covid-Safe Plan